I'm starting to get afraid of Pie. Talk of
  • not using XML
  • base64 encoding HTML
  • requiring multiple identifiers per entry
  • not reusing Dublin Core (this will lead to funkie pie)
  • multiple languge indicators

    I really hope concensus leads to sanity.

  • This is a great online collaborative development environment. Very similar to SourceForge, but licensing is not an issue and approval is immediate.
    Looking at this, I am troubled by the implicit knowledge of encoding that is required.
    imho, another level of abstraction like an encoded element and use of base-64 only complicates the issue. yes entity and cdata encoding makes writing your own parser more difficult, but by now we should all be using parsers that have conquered these encoding issues. ok, that was a shot at blogger. sorry! i have to agree w/ Dare.

    no caps implies I'm holding my 3 week old dotter w/ the other hand.

    I won't be blogging much this weekend, as I'll be off the Web. To both of my devoted readers. Sorry Mom and Dad!
    Just added AdSense ads to the right pane of my blog. I'll report back on the results. I have no idea how much I get per click. It might not even be worth clicking them :( But please click them anyway :)

    Made 47 cents on my first click thru. Who was that? Oh! It was me :)

    Made 26 cents total on next two clicks. 73 cents per day. Time to retire.

    My escape this weekend. I'll get there tomorrow and leave Tuesday.
    News reports have filtered out early this morning that US forces have swooped down on an Iraqi Primary School and captured 6th Grade teacher Mohammed Al-Hazar.

    Sources indicate that, when arrested, Al-Hazar was in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a geo-board, base-ten blocks, algebra tiles, a computer, a data projector, and a graphing calculator.

    Did they change the S in SOAP? How about COAP? Complex.

    COAP: Complex Object Access Protocol

    Somebody gave me a SOAP fragment the other day. I almost laughed. I couldn't understand it. When VRML was first introduced, I was quite a fan. They killed it too! How about Web Service Language (WSL)? I like that. I won't put Simple in the name. It'll really make SOAP look complex.

    Truth is that SOAP in its minimal form is simple. It's all the other stuff that just drives me nuts. SOAP is like a function with one int parameter. Simple. SOAP and WSDL are like a function with two int parameters. Still simple. WS-X is like a function with 1000 int parameters. Nothing is complex in itself, but together they form a puzzle not to be undertaken.

    A bad product development organization with a good salesforce is a better company than a good product development organization with a bad salesforce. This is why the .COM thing .BOMBed. Even with thousands of great Web products (all worth buying), the sales teams behind these Web products were too weak. It all fell apart.

    The question is how do you identify a bad salesforce. It's actually quite easy. The bad salesforce doesn't sell product, but rather pushes the effort back on development for more features.

    You spend months developing a great application. You hand it off to the salesforce. The salesforce jumps into the market and comes back two weeks later with a bunch of feature requests. The reason is they couldn't sell the product as is and instead sold a future version of the product. The development hurries out another release of the product. Hand off and two weeks later the salesforce is back again with more feature requests. The cycle continues until you run out of money and call it quits.

    Now you know more about 724 Solutions, 1X, Opencola and every other failed .COM than the average saleman. I explained this to many salesmen. They agreed completely, but they all suggested that their situation was somehow different. And they made the same mistake.


    First version of KBlog is ready for download. Please report bugs to me. Don't use it unless you are ready to struggle with an Alpha product. The Alpha is of course free. No document. No warranty. Use at own risk.

    Installation: Drop the package in a folder on your IIS machine (make the Web folder an application). Change the password in the Web.config xml file. Change the look by modifying the ASPX files and the config.xmll file. If you need further help, email me.

    default.aspx - regular view of blog
    login.aspx - admin and blogging backdoor (password protected).

    This was entirely developed in C#.

    source Orbit.
    Just cleaned up some of the KBlog code. Maybe I can release the blog tool later this week.
    It should have an Echo feed, asap.
    You can get an RSS to Echo converter right here.
    The Java Echo project has asked that the syndication Echo project be renamed.
    I realized something today. The number of supported formats isn't really a problem anymore (I have C#). It took me 5 minutes to write a general RSS to Echo converter. Anybody can use it. Now, nobody has to write Echo. Just keep writing RSS and use my converter. Game over. It'll take seconds to enhance the package to convert the other way, for backwards compatibility.

    By the way, the converter will be a little off the current examples (about a day or more if I'm out with the RV). Just send me bugs.

    So you wanna be an early adopter of Echo ? Add the following code to your homepage. Replace {myrss} by the URL of your RSS feed. <a href='http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/rsstoecho.aspx?link={myrss}'> <img src='http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/echo.jpg' border='0'></a> It should look like this... <a href='http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/rsstoecho.aspx? link=http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/rss.xml'> <img src='http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/echo.jpg' border='0'></a> but without the linebreak after the question mark (?). I put the line break in to make it more pleasant to read.

    The result should look like this...

    As I update the converter, your Echo feed will automatically stay current with the Echo specs.

    A major win for the Echo movement. This could be the pie that filled the picnic basket.

    source Intertwingly

    Thanks Dave. The little guys (application developers) appreciate you standing up for us.

    Return of the Jedi

    Tim Jarrett on the debate of the blogosphere.

    source Scripting

    The great thing about Wikis is that if you don't like somebody's comments, then you can just delete them :)
    How about
  • Rich Sum of Standards
  • Rarely the Same Standard
  • Ruby Said it's Staled (or Stalled)
  • Randy's Struggle with Standards

    Need help. Looking for more in comments.

  • source Marc's Voice.
    You are the damage we are routing around.
    Let me interpret. Echo is all about politics and the long feud between Dave and Mark.

    Dave and Mark, please don't take this personally. You know I respect you both. Just food for thought.

    Quote from Dave
    Anyway, I'm explaining all this background for a purpose, to say that, imho, link should be used only to link to the article being described by the post, it should only be used in the TLD context.
    Sorry Dave, but the RSS 2.0 spec suggests otherwise. It's pretty clear that link can be used as a guid. Quote from spec follows.
    In some systems, link is a permalink to a weblog item.
    Post comments on Sam's blog, you'll get better feedback.
    I could write a thousand pages on why Mark's post is simply all wrong.
    1. You can praise somebody for moving something in a positive direction, even though it's not perfect. As Winer did with your MovableType RSS script.
    2. Why is Mark's RSS Validator more than just Mark and Sam's RSS Validator? Why is it the almighty RSS Validator?
    3. Mark's RSS Validator doesn't catch all mistakes that are against the spec, like using an email address in the comments element.
    4. Mark's RSS Validator doesn't validate timezones. Let me explain. If you put a timezone that would push your date into the future.
    5. I've tried submitting these bugs to the mailing list, but my comments were not posted.
    6. First, it's not incorrect to use link as a permalink. This is explained in the RSS 2.0 spec.
    7. Second, myself, Anil Dash, David Winer and John Robb, to name a few, don't use it as a permalink.
    8. Third, if you use MovableType, you use it as Mark does, cause MovableType uses Mark's RSS scripts. They aren't wrong, they are just less perfect then they could be. And I'm not complaining. Just stating facts.
    9. Dave didn't praise you for using a non-permalink guid, he just said it's valid.
    10. There's nothing wrong with extending RSS, that's why it allows extension. The article you reference extends RSS. What you did with MovableType template is not an extension, but rather a replacement of functionality that already existed in RSS 2.0.
    By the way, good work on the RSS Validator Mark. I'm not knocking it, it's a real help. Nothing is perfect. Just clarifying some issues on my chest.
    You can now convert your RSS of any flavor to Echo. Just past the URL of your RSS feed and click Convert. Obviously, Echo is changing fast and I won't always be on top of the changes.

    URL of RSS file

    You can also just send a GET request to http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/rsstoecho.aspx. One parameter is link, which is the URL of your RSS file.

    Report bugs to me by email or as a comment in the blog.

    It's always amazing to me how people will easily steal your work and claim it as their own, without any credit to the original author.

    For those that doubt it's a copy, Brad also made the exact same mistakes I did. Note the incomplete copyright. Exact same ordering of elements. Exact same inclusion and exclusion of elements. Exact same value in the ttl element. In fact, there's only three small differences (improvements) in the two scripts.

    Shame on you Brad :)

    No more pie jokes.

    Echo Examples

    Aaron Swartz is still pushing a non-XML based RSS, similar to his RSS 3.0.
    My article will be the lead in the August issue.


    Wiki against wiki, who'll win? Pie competition :)
    There are too many syndication formats. Solution? "Let’s create yet another one!"
    Another hero of the rebellion.
    The current plan is to campout in the Fenelon Falls area for the long weekend, from Saturday to Tuesday. I've identified two parks, which aren't really that close to our true destination, Sturgeon Point.
  • Arkadia Trailer Park, Campground and Cottages
  • Bell Haven Trailer Park
  • Found another

  • Sandy Beach Resort and Trailer Court
  • source Scripting
    Send your resumes to James, my agent. James has kept me well employed for over a year and in a bad market. This was his email to me. Indicate on your email to him that I referred you to him.
    Here is the requirements for the position: it is a full-time perm. position, they are looking for good C++, COM/DCOM, MFC and Installshield. Not a very difficult position to fill - but communication skills must be excellent!.
    See if you can recommend someone for this position (I believe there are 2 positions).
    James Lee
    (905) 940-0989 Ext. 224
    W5 Resources, Inc.
    140 Allstate Parkway, Suite 503
    Markham, ON L3R 5Y8
    This Pie thing all started in response to Winer's calling Dublin Core in RSS 2.0 funky. Now the Pie team seems to be moving in the direction of developing a syntax that doesn't reuse Dublin Core either. If someone then extends Pie with Dublin Core, then do we have Funky Pie?
    Here we are arguing about moving forward and RSS 1.0 vs. RSS 2.0 and the BBC has come out with a version 0.91 set of feeds. I encourage a form mail to the BBC to upgrade to either RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0. I'd rather more funky RSS than obsolete RSS.
    I got a expiration notice for rapidspiral.com today from Network Solutions (a Verisign company). The domain expires in 2013. Web forwarding on the domain expires in March 2004. I sense a shorting opportunity, VRSN.
    The timezone has been off on the Pie Wiki RSS file, by nine hours. I wonder if anybody working on PIE actually uses an RSS aggregator? If you used an RSS aggregator, then this would be quite obvious. Actually, I checked some of the RSS feeds from the contributors and found them to be off on their own feeds.

    Don't get me wrong. No ill intent. Nobody is perfect. In fact, I've made the same mistakes myself. Just an observation.

    My recommendations
  • maximize use of Dublin Core
  • but don't do the RDF complexity thing
  • oh! and use xhtml:body
  • Reuse, not rewrite.
    yeeha! more spec. no apps.

    source Scripting

    Things are really starting to happen. Today was the first day in years, in which, four different recruiters contacted me on the same day.
    started working on blogger API 1.0

    It's pretty big so it'll take me a few hours.

    testing comment api now
    I'm working on trackbacks right now for KBlog.
    first draft

    Looking for mucho feedback.

    Starting all over is forward motion?

    The programmer has always amused me. When a new programmer joins the hunt, he says all the code written prior to his arrival sucks and must be entirely rewritten for the better. In his image of course.

    The Rewrite Design Pattern is simply wrong.

    A lot of effort has gone into creating reusable components. Not much effort has gone into reusing those components. Unless a component is reused, then the effort in the first place to create reusable components was a waste.

    The galactic battle between reuse and rewrite continues...

    Some thoughts on the issue of Pie.

    Why a new format? Because the Pie working group hates David Winer. Some of the same people in this new working were also part of the RSS 1.0 team. They tried to hijack RSS from Dave back then and failed. Why did they fail? Because Winer's RSS stands for really simple syndication. The RDF working group's RSS stood for RDF site summary. They both literally and figuratively took the simple out of RSS. The Pie working group has a chance to learn from history.

    Keep It Simple and Stupid.

    It's not like there isn't already confusion in the industry. We have Winer flavored RSS, RDF flavored RSS and funky flavored RSS. What we need is to create more confusion with yet another RSS profile.

    The push for yet another RSS profile is coming from the same voices that have on numerous occasions proposed multiple other variations of more and more RSS profiles. #1 #2

    The only valid argument that these voices give is that Dave Winer denies he controls RSS, controls it regardless and we don't like him. Don't get me wrong, the argument is legit, but the response is simple. If you don't like Dave Winer and RSS 2.0, then use RSS 1.0, the RDF flavor. Please don't create a new flavor that mixes the two. Use one or the other. Or if you want, support both, but not together in one file. It's simple.

    I begin to wonder if the goal of yet another RSS profile is to create confusion in the blog industry until the big wigs like IBM and M$ have time to catch up to the current playing field; Radio, Blogger and MT. But here's a fair warning. Continued confusion will surely mean the death of Radio and MT. By the way, Google and Blogger are already on a collision course with M$.

    The issue remains the same. The new profile provides no new functionality that is not already available in the multi-flavors of RSS. It's just a re-specification of the existing functionality. It means I have to read another webpage in order to write an RSS tool. If you want to move RSS forward, then build on the existing profiles.

    The following extensions are perfect examples of new functionality built on top of current RSS without re-flavoring.

    This is how you move RSS forward.

    The backlash against reflavored RSS is everywhere.

    Italics denote sarcasm.

    Note: I appreciate all those people who are participating in this argument. You are all the pioneers of the blogosphere. Thank you very much for the debate. I have no ill will to those who support yet another RSS profile. In fact, I read the blogs of just these individuals because they are pushing the RSS community in an overall positive direction with great innovation. Just sometimes, we don't agree.

    1. Fleury to Pens. Great moves! The Pens will likely lose Hedberg when his current contract expires in one year.
    2. Eric Staal to Canes.
    3. Nathan Horton to Panthers.
    4. Nikolai Zherdev to Blue Jackets.
    5. Thomas Vanek to Sabres.
    6. Milan Michalek to Sharks.
    7. Ryan Suter to Preds. Son of Miracle on Ice's player (80 U.S. Olympic Team). Nephew of Gary.
    8. Braydon Coburn to Thrashers.
    9. Dion Phaneuf to Flames.
    10. Andrei Kastsitsyn to Habs. Steal of the draft. Could have gone #1 if not for medical problems.
    11. Jeff Carter to Flyers.
    12. Hugh Jessiman to Rangers.
    13. Dustin Brown to Kings.
    14. Brent Seabrook to Hawks.
    15. Robert Nilsson to Isles. Son of the Magic Man.
    I don't think Saul understands the blogosphere. The point is that we all have our own interest and as we connect to each other (subscribe to each others RSS feeds), we get the good and the noise (I originally called this the bad, but thought noise was a better term). The noise helps us understand the good. The noise also helps us develop our interest. I blog about a lot of crap, but maybe somebody checking out my blog for programming shit will come accross a new interest and join me on an RV excursion. Next weekend I'll be in the Fenlon Falls area.

    source Marc.

    Ultimately, blog readers don't give a hoot whether the blog feed is in RDF or RSS 2.0. Blog developers *do* care about how many evolving formats they have to support. You give me unasked for headaches, I give you my middle-finger salute.
    A new found respect for blogging. Speak the truth and I shall subscribe.

    -Developer Dude

    source Scripting.

    More on DLL Hell in .NET. I decided to write an applicaiton configuration file to target the .NET 1.0 runtime with a DLL compiled with VS 2003. This was to avoid the issues that the Kinitos SDK was having with the .NET 1.1 runtime.

    Result = no luck

    Looks like .NET is going to have forward and backward compatibility issues that'll make us want a return to DLL Hell. We now have .NET run-time Hell and we only have two versions of the run-time.

    Now here's a scam that came to light to myself in the last year. Join a company, run it into the ground and take a big six figure severance package. I use to think that severance packages were a way of retaining key employees, but I now know better. They are an incentive to run the company into the ground.
    I'm about to what the Gatti Ward III fight on TSN.

    Michael Buffer is a god

    A good fight, but not a great fight. Gatti killed Ward if not for the broken hand.

    vote for the Jays

    you can vote as many times as you like.

    renamed Blog# to KBlog, also kbcafe.blog.

    bug, editing changes pubDate in month log

    I'm watching this movie on VHS tonight. Very good. Wife picked it out. It's a chic flic. A good one. I must be getting old, cause I'm liking more chic flics and less action flics.

    By the way, this is a cool amazon link. Click it and you get a pop up to buy. If you buy, then I get a few cents. Of course, script is rejected by blog readers.

    Speedometer is no longer accurate especially at lower speeds :(

    I was thinking maybe about starting an RV website called RVUpdate.com. The only problem is the demographics. RVers don't surf. But then I was thinking. Blogging is not a standalone application. MT and Radio are dead. Blogging needs to be a community. If AOL or MSN started offering personal blogs, then MT and Radio would die. Blogger with Google at least has a chance.

    Grunt! Grunt!

    I bought this earlier in the week for the RV.

    Grunt! Grunt!

    It brought the truck battery from discharged to full in about 4 hours.

    Grunt! Grunt!

    On sale for $90 CDN

    Grunt! Grunt!

    -RV Dude

    today's RV adventure

    wonder if they have a nearby WiFi hotspot?

    congrats Sam

    source intertwingly

    I'm using WinCVS for the first time ever. I've used Source Safe, TLIB and Clear Case my whole life. Guess I was lucky. WinCVS is about as intuitive as the original IBM PC. Fortunately, I found this link to help this moron figure out how to get started.
    source BoingBoing.
    I love vaporware upgrade announcements.


  • 54g.org
  • 11g IEEE announcement

    By the way, I love my 11g router and notebook adapter.

  • At the request of Ninja Dude, I've decided to rename RAR to SARS or Simple Archive Retrieve System. It's just too funny to pass up.
    source Scripting.
    source Scripting.
    I predicted 6 of the 7 awards. Not bad.
    In his rookie season, he led his NHL team in penalty minutes. Later, he came within 5 penalty minutes of leading the NHL in penalty minutes. He also won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy.
    Does this look like the solution to DLL Hell?
    The earliest of my USENET posts that is captured by Google Groups. The Google archive are not complete earlier than 1993. I don't remember when I first posted, but it would be around 1987-1990.
    From: morin@server.uwindsor.ca (Randy Morin)
    Newsgroups: comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.misc
    Subject: TListBoxData extract strings
    Message-ID: <3398@newsserver.cs.uwindsor.ca>
    Date: 15 Apr 1993 17:00:50 GMT
    Sender: news@server.uwindsor.ca
    Organization: University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    Lines: 5
    Does anybody know how to extract all strings, including unselected
    strings from the TListBoxData class?
    Randy Morin
    MiddlEWorld SoftWare
    Only $2M USD. I think I'll buy one for my dad. Heard it'll be about $6k per month insurance.
    i did nothing. One more week and it'll be a full quarter since I coded, designed or architected anything at work.

    RSS 2.funky (pronounced 2-dot-funkeeeh)

    Fri, June 20, 2003; by Developer Dude.


    What is RSS?

    RSS is a Web content syndication format.

    Its name is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication.

    RSS is dialect of XML. All RSS files must conform to the XML 1.0 specification, as published on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website.

    The RSS 2.0 specification is located at http://backend.userland.com/rss2.

    Sample files

    The DudeResearch RSS 2.0 feed (my companies blog) is said to be not funky.

    The iBLOGthere4iM RSS feed (my blog) is said to be somewhat funky.

    The Spoutlet RSS feed (the guy whose job I envy) is said to be all-star funky.

    These feeds change over time and may become more or less funky.

    Funky Elements

    Funky elements are awarded funky points depending on how funky they are. A really funky element gets as many as 5 funky points, where a somewhat funky element gets only 1 funky point. Summing your funky element scores and you get your total funky score or TFS. You only count each tag name once. You do not multiply out your points by the number of times you've used the element.

    Elements Points
    dc:date 5
    admin:generatorAgent 3
    dc:rights 3
    dc:language 3
    content:encoded (not different from description or no description) 3
    content:encoded (different from description and description present) 2
    dc:creator (w/ email address) 3
    dc:creator (w/out email address) 2
    admin:errorReportsTo 2
    xhtml:body 2
    any other element not specifically named in the RSS 2.0 spec 1

    Your funk status is then determined by the next table.

    TFS Funk Status
    0 Not funky
    1-4 Somewhat funky
    5-9 Funky
    10+ Funk all-star

    I encourage others to write Funk calculators like the Funkadator.


    Developer Dude. I don't claim to have created funky RSS. I'm only trying to write down rules for it. David Winer created the concept of funky RSS.


    2.funky - Fri, June 20, 2003 - I don't think this spec will ever change. Typos are four the historicalati.

    Copyright and disclaimer

    RSS 2.0 is copyright 1997-2002 UserLand Software. All Rights Reserved.

    This document, excluding any content copyright of UserLand, is released into the public domain. This document may not be modified in any way that breaks UserLand's copyright. The document is provided without warranty.

    The document is meant as a joke and is not to be taken seriously. Neither am I trying to make fun of anybody in particular with this document. If you feel otherwise, then I apologize in advance. Sorry. Please have fun with it.

    RSS applications.
    Flames are one thing that really get my goat. But as in everything, there's a positive. Flames helps me understand Dave Winer. I couldn't imagine getting the amount of flames that Dave must get. He must have thick skin, but then Winer numbers tell me he really does have thick skin. Thanks to Dave for taking the brunt. Myself, I deal with flames better by walking away.

    P.S. My Winer number is 2.

    I wonder how that got there? A pissed-off webmaster? A hacked site? The domain change owners? Lot's of possible causes, all funny.
    Ruby: By and large, SOAP itself hasn't evolved.

    To add (what has surprised me), SOAP applications don't exist in large numbers. In fact, most Web services are still based on XML/HTTP, ex. RSS. Could it be that SOAP has evolved into a complexity that has disinterested the programmer?

    source Intertwingly.net.
    Martha, in the future, don't use IM when dealing with your broker :)
    Is Hack4life getting kicks backs from M$? Or could that be Bill Gates online handle? :)
    Mergers present an opportunity for new competition. The common belief is that mergers reduce competition.

    source Winer.

    A continuation of the funky RSS debate.

    Reminds me of a conversation I had with a really well known technologist. He told me that he was sorry to tell me that what I was doing had prior art (patented). This was interesting and an atypical understanding of patents. Most think that patents exist in order to protect the author against use of his ideas. In fact, the opposite is true, patents exist so that others can re-use the ideas.

    source Winer.

    A market researcher called at a house and his knock was answered by a young woman with three small children running around her. He asked her if she minded replying to his questions and when she agreed, he asked her if she knew his company, Cheeseborough-Ponds. When she said no, he mentioned that among their many products was Vaseline and she certainly knew of that product. When asked if she used it, she answered, "Yes, we use it when we have sexual intercourse."

    The interviewer was amazed. He said, "I always ask that question because everyone uses our product and they always say they use it for the child's bicycle chain, or the gate hinge or some other purpose. But I know that most people really use it for sexual intercourse, they just don't like to say so. Since you've been so frank, could you tell me exactly how you use it?"

    "We put it on the doorknob to keep the kids out."

    When you've got something to say to the world, a weblog - or blog - is a fun and very easy way to say it. Not only do blogs give you a forum for venting your opinions but you can use them on your website to offer any kind of up-to-date information to your visitors. In fact, anything you'd say in conversation at work or at home is a possibility for a blog.

    source Grey Orbit.

    Boing Boing is the most read blog on the Web, if not, one of the top three most read blogs on the Web. Yet rarely is its XML well formed. They use Blogger Pro. Blogger seems to have fallen well behind Movable Type and Radio.
    This is the fix to allow dangerous attachments in Office Outlook.
    Looks very much like feedreader. I wonder who is copying who? Sharpreader is more stable, less feature rich and has its own bugs. I typed in the base URL for Alec's blog and it gave me the XML for a completely different blog. Some kind of auto-discovery bug. It doesn't have a setup, which is trivial in .NET (its platform).
    Quote from an article 10 years in the future...
    Remember those Web startups that Microsoft killed. Netscape. Google.
    The blogroll in the HTML is now automatically generated from the blogroll.xml OPML file.
  • I need to create more variety in the new stuff page. Currently, it's giving me only entries from Mark Canter.
  • Fix up copyright issues.
  • An interesting way of preventing flooding. Just flood someone else out permanently.
    Tech is on the rebound. Now, you just have to get out of the deadweight and into what's hot for 2003.
  • WiFi
  • Blogs
  • Web services
  • SPAM guard
  • Data Center management
  • Video over IP

    souce Grey Orbit

  • The validator rejects relative URIs. Which sounds reasonable. But I don't have any. I do have bookmarks.
    source Marc Canter thru the Dudesphere.
    source Grad Conn.
    compliments of Lucius Nedelcu, the CSS Dude.
    I think I'm going to change the name of RAR to AR? or something like that. Stay tuned.
    Now we're having fun. Find out if your RSS is funky with the Funkidator.

    source Sam Ruby.

    1. Put comments in RSS.
    2. Put blogroll in RSS.
    3. Implement Sam Ruby style comment RSS.
    4. Implement Lucius' blogroll stylesheet.
    Ok, I can understand and agree that dc:date is funky when used in place of pubDate. That's because dc:date provides nothing that pubDate can't provide. Now Winer seems to be suggesting that all RSS extensions are funky. Surely the blogChannel:blogRoll element is not funky? It's a perfectly valid extension. Can't be implemented with existing schema and adds new functionality.
    I just enabled comments. If you find any bugs, then please email them to me. Be gentle at first :)
    The more I use and find out about FeedReader, the cooler I see it is. Now, get rid of the expected alpha release bugs and we have a great product here.
    I just coded an HTTP-GET ping to weblogs.com into Blog#. I've seen people do this in C# before, but using XML-RPC. The HTTP-GET is a lot simpler. Code follows.
    // ping weblogs.com
    string url =
    	"http://newhome.weblogs.com/pingSiteForm?name=" +
    	System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode(config.title) +
    	"&url=" +
    System.Net.WebRequest ping = System.Net.WebRequest.Create(url);
    System.Net.WebResponse response = ping.GetResponse();
    I just coded RAR into Blog#
    source Mr. Winer

    Torvald's webpage. The penguin is from his webpage.

    RAR v 0.9

    Tue, June 17 2003, by Developer Dude.


    What is RAR?

    RAR is an acronym for RSS Archive Retrieval. I was going to call it Simple Archive Retrieval System, but thought better. This document describes a simple standard for making blog and news archives Web service accessible using a well-known standard, RSS. This standard applies equally as well to RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0. RSS is currently used to pull the latest items from a news source. RAR extends RSS to provide pulling of archived news items.

    How it Works?

    Add the following extension to your RSS channel to point the RAR application in the right direction.

    <rar:archive xmlns:rar="http://tempuri.org">http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/archive.xml</rar:archive>

    The OPML file then points to named archives for your site. Sample follows.

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <opml version="1.1" >
          <title>iBLOGthere4iM Archive</title>
          <ownerName>Randy Charles Morin</ownerName>
          <outline text= "June2003" url="http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/200306.xml" />
          <outline text= "May2003" url="http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/200305.xml" />

    These archives can be arranged by year, month, week or whatever criteria the author decides best serves his news archive. The recommendation is to arrange by some date criteria, beginning in the present and moving back in time. Well known archive text attributes are "All" and "Recent". There meaning is assumed.

    All child elements of the head element are optional. The outline element must have at least two attributes, the text attribute describing the archive content and the url attribute denoting the RSS file where the news items for that archive can be found.

    Common Application

    You can display an archive history using this protocol by displaying the outline as HTML.

    <a href="http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/200306.xml">June 2003</a>
    <a href="http://www.kbcafe.com/iBLOGthere4iM/200305.xml">May 2003</a>


    Developer Dude.


    Last Version: http://tempuri.org

    0.9 - Tue, June 17 2003 Draft

    Copyright and disclaimer

    This document is released into the public domain. The document is provided without warranty.

    OPML and RSS are copyright UserLand Software. All Rights Reserved.

    Application of PSS in CommentAPI.

    POST /news/comments/5 HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: text/xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding='iso-8859-1'?> <pss:item xmlns:pss="http://duderesearch.com/archives/000010.html" > <pss:title>Foo Bar</pss:title> <pss:author>joe@bitworking.org</pss:author> <pss:link>http://www.bar.com/</pss:link> <pss:description>My Excerpt</pss:description> </pss:item>
    for my SQA friends or is that fiends?
    If you read Dave's Scripting News blog, he's pointing out what is funky and what is not. He makes it pretty clear that it's alternate elements (not in the RSS 2.0 spec) being used instead of good old RSS 2.0 elements. For example dc:date instead of pubDate.


  • http://scriptingnews.userland.com/2003/06/17#When:2:40:38AM
  • http://scriptingnews.userland.com/2003/06/16#When:7:11:25PM
  • http://scriptingnews.userland.com/2003/06/16#When:7:54:04AM
  • Quote
    Further thought To be honest - I wish I could just leave RSS alone and get on with mucking around with the fun stuff I have planned for my app but I'm constantly tweaking the RSS 'bits' to try and keep up with profiles and best practices.
    via BlogWorks
    This is going to help a lot. Thank you Jorgen Thelin.
    Aaron Swartz weighs in on the funky RSS debate.


    Dave Winer says Movable Type’s RSS is funky because an out-of-the-box MT blog comes with an RSS 1.0 and an RSS 2.0 feed.
    I don't think Dave said this at all. What we have is one camp avoiding a simple clarification of their words, confusing the hell out of the situation and a second camp trying to put words in the first camps mouth, making it worse. A bunch of kids fighting for control of the sandbox.
    out the door

    I'm going to immediately start using this on the DudeWebService component.

    Gimpy from TVs Undergrads

    "You must master your joystick, like a fisherman masters bait."

    As we make RSS more complex, do we forget that it's an acronym for Really Simple Syndication?

    PSS 0.9

    Sun, June 15 2003, by Developer Dude.


    What is PSS?

    PSS is a Web content syndication format based on its sister standard RSS.

    PSS is an acronym for Portable and Simple Syndication. RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication and RDF Site Summary.

    PSS is a dialect of XML and is based on RSS 2.0. All documents containing PSS must conform to the XML 1.0 specification, as published on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website.

    RSS 2.0 does not have the ability to include its elements in other XML formats through a namespace. PSS allows RSS 2.0 elements to exist as vocabularies in other XML documents. PSS is not an XML file format.

    Sample file

    Following is a sample PSS application called mypssapplication that uses the RSS vocabulary. The mypssapplication and items elements are not part of PSS, rather they are a sample application that uses PSS.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    This and that happened today for some reason.
    Nothing happened today of interest.

    PSS Namespace

    PSS must be included in an XML namespace and it may also contain other XML vocabularies.

    PSS includes all the XML constructs normally available in RSS 2.0.


    PSS may not be used as an XML file format. It can only be used as a vocabulary in an XML application. This is to prevent use of PSS as an alternative standard XML file format to RSS.

    About this document

    This document was created in response to David Winer's article introducing the concept. This implementation of the standard diviates from Dave Winer's concept in that PSS may include other XML namespace, but specifically cannot be used as a XML file format, rather it can only be used to include the RSS vocabulary in other XML documents.


    Developer Dude.


    Last Version: http://tempuri.com

    Copyright and disclaimer

    RSS 2.0 is copyright 1997-2002 UserLand Software. All Rights Reserved. 

    This document, excluding any content copyright of UserLand, is released into the public domain. This document may not be modified in any way that breaks UserLand's copyright. The document is provided without warranty.

    The blog search is now working.
    The Dude has been blogged!
    802.11g approved
    the beginning of a nuclear space fleet
    Here's a start on Steve Pilgrim's request. This one will work. Please report bugs to me.

    Steps to fix

    1. Goto Manage Templates
    2. click RSS 2.0 Index
    3. replace template body with below
    4. click Save
    5. click Rebuild
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <rss version="2.0" > <channel> <title><$MTBlogName remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title> <link><$MTBlogURL$></link> <description><$MTBlogDescription remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></description> <language>en-us</language> <managingEditor><MTEntries lastn="1"><$MTEntryAuthorEmail$></MTEntries></managingEditor> <copyright>Copyright <$MTDate format="%Y"></copyright> <lastBuildDate><MTEntries lastn="1"><$MTEntryDate format="%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S "$> </MTEntries><$MTBlogTimezone no_colon="1"$></lastBuildDate> <pubDate><$MTDate format="%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S "$><$MTBlogTimezone no_colon="1"$></pubDate> <generator>http://www.movabletype.org/?v=<$MTVersion$></generator> <webMaster><MTEntries lastn="1"><$MTEntryAuthorEmail$></MTEntries></webMaster> <ttl>60</ttl> <MTEntries lastn="15"> <item> <title><$MTEntryTitle remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title> <link><$MTEntryLink encode_xml="1"$></link> <description><$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1" encode_xml="1"$></description> <guid isPermaLink="true"><$MTEntryLink$></guid> <category><$MTEntryCategory remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></category> <pubDate><$MTEntryDate format="%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S "$><$MTBlogTimezone no_colon="1"$></pubDate> </item> </MTEntries> </channel> </rss>


    Apparently, there has been quite a chit-chat going on in the comments at Sam Roby's site. The 49 (at last count) comments surround this entry.


    Will somebody kindly step through the fog and say, "if you want your RSS feed to be right, and not funky, go do these steps...?"


    Some people can cut thru the fog. Thanks to Steve Pilgrim for being that person.

    Fixed a bug in Dude where RSS producers would include markup with relative paths.
    by David Winer

    thanks Dave. Who would have guessed?


    source BoingBoing.

    Gizmodo product review
    a blog funny
    Now that we've taken care of Afghanistan and Iraq, maybe we should go after Norway. Yes, I am joking. None-the-less, all Norwegian should be shamed by their country's behavior.

    I think I'll start keeping track of my own "axis of evil" list.

    1. Norway
    2. Microsoft
    3. Oracle
    4. IDG
    5. George Bush
    6. Mike Harris
    7. people who bad mouth people they just laid off
    8. Chris Ericksson
    9. Battery Ventures
    10. RSS 1.0
    I find the 'New Stuff' page on Dude is often over populated with the same blog. I'll have to devise an algorithm to give more diversity in blogs.
    Here's something I wrote on performance.

    source Don Box

    I installed the Kinitos SDK today and tried to use it. No luck. It required .NET version 1.0 run-time. I checked if it was installed and guess what? It wasn't. I only had .NET version 1.1. Does this mean you have to install every version of .NET? So, I installed .NET 1.0 and it worked. Yes, .NET is not forward compatible. Then I opened the Kinitos samples and compiled them. Ran them and guess what? They didn't work either. I compiled with Visual Studio.NET 2003. Microsoft has a real problem. .NET is worse than DLL hell. We now have .NET hell. You have to have every version of .NET installed.


  • Microsoft promises end to 'DLL hell'
  • I applied for life insurance today. $510 if I didn't smoke at all. $890 because I have 1 or 2 cigarettes a month.
    Howard Dean's weblog. Howard Dean is campaigning for President of the United States.

    source Grad Conn.

    Grad Conn's blog.

    Grey Interactive and Direct, Toronto blog.

    Got an email from the pentagon OSD today asking for a copy of my book. I hope it helps them find bin Laden and Hussein.
    This pops up as a common referrer to my blog. It's not the 724 that I worked for. They claim to be around for 10 yrs and have a Toronto based phone number, but located in Niagara area.

    Top ten most read articles at kbcafe.com in May 2003

    Article Reads
    1.C++ Tricks 2195
    2.How to Base64 in C++ 1875
    3.How to ADO in C++ 1863
    4.Managed C# vs Unmanaged C++ 1470
    5.How to Thread in C++ 1122
    6.How to Shell Extension 1068
    7.My Big Brother Microsoft 1044
    8.How to Ping in C++ 960
    9.How to COM Internet Services 944
    10.OOP Concepts by Example 926


    Only one C# article in the top 10. An indication that a lot of programmers are still doing the C++ thing.  Mind you, most of my C# articles are available on other sites, like CSharpHelp and previously DevArticles. The Managed C# vs Unmanaged C++ article appeared without permission on ComputerWorld.com, but has since been removed. I'm looking for some compensation from IDG too!

    These guys are hiring Java and some Microsoft programmers. Send resumes to Dave Clarkson. Tell him that you were referred to by myself and you'll get better traction.
    I just finished my RssObjects projects . It's a set of classes for reading and writing RSS files. The objects follow the RSS 2.0 object model.

    The classes are written in C# and should work in both .NET 1.0 and 1.1. I'd like to convert them to Java , but don't know when I'll get the time. I don't really have a use for them in Java just yet. If someone wants to convert them to Java or Python or whatever, then feel free. Just mention me (and the source) in the comment headers, please.


    future extensions

    I just finished writing this, so there is likely many bugs. Please email them to me.

    = URL monikers
    another Baghdad blogger.

    source Salem Pax.

    cool products!

    great prices!

    If anybody knows where I can get this in Toronto, Canada, then email me.

    For over 50 years, ABC Corp. has provided clients with stuff crucial to their continued expenses. Our Core Purpose is to contribute to our customers' expenses worldwide by providing a better toilet bowl. We continue to exemplify this through our Core Values of:

    • Incompetence and more incompletence 
    • Frustrated and bored People
    • Web surfing and water cooler gossip

    At ABC Corp., we are a team dedicated to growth and industry leadership, equally committed to tricking customers and employees and exceeding shareholder expectations by providing powerful business information and overcharging customers.

    We understand that the people of ABC Corp. are critical to the continued sucking of money from our clients and our business, and seek lazy individuals to become part of our team. We offer a very uncompetitive compensation package and opportunities for continued stagnation and more stagnation.

    Tomorrow is the end of my 11th week at A.C. Nielsen, without anything to do. Haven't architected, designed or coded anything of yet. Earlier this week, I was told it is to be another 2 weeks before this changes. If you are interested in doing nothing the rest of your life, then here's their Canadian job webpage.
    Monetizing de blogs?

    source Sam Ruby and Dave Winer.

    Sun announced a new Java community called Java.net.


  • A Vision for java.net by Richard P Gabriel.
  • The Javapedia Project: A complete and accurate online encyclopedia of all things Java.
  • A lot of Linux users are looking at this and saying that Microsoft is killing a Linux product in order to protects its Exchange Server market. A better way to look at this is to see it as an opportunity to capture market share in a market that is about to be abandoned. What? Is Microsoft going to buyout and kill every good Linux product? If so, then I'll start writing Linux software. I could use Bill's money.

    Image is from Bert-Jan Steerneman's Microsoft page.

    To Dave Winer, I'd love to hear why you think its funky.

    IMHO! The funky part is the substituting of standard RSS 2.0 elements with equivalent or nearly equivalent Dublin Core.

    more SCO-Linux crap.
    Tech is rebounding.
    thanks to Don Box for the source. Funny must read for every blogger!
    What Oracle is doing to Peoplesoft is unethical. Stand up against unethical business. Send an email to them if you agree.

    Question: Is Microsoft going to license Oracle next week? See SCO license.

    What Manjit Syven Birk says about Oracle's talent exodus strikes of a core problem with a lot of companies. 724 Solutions had the same problem back in 2000 and has since sunk to 1/720th of their year 2000 value.

    I wish they had a rule that opposite sex marriages were illegal when I was 25. Would've saved me a bundle in expenses. The wedding alone cost me thousands, then the house, cars and the food and clothing for three children is a real killer. These guys don't know how lucky they were last week. They'll find out the hard way. Just like I did :)

    source Alec.

    I added a new calendar to the right side-bar. The calendar was developed by Lucius Nedelcu. Thanks Lucius.
    SCO LinuxThe Empire Strikes Back.

    The great picture is from an old article on SCO and Linux by VNUNET.com. Image is copyright 1995-2003 VNU Business Publications Ltd. All rights reserved.

    source Cip.

    I do a lot of testing and reading of RSS files in order to improve the indexing part of Dude. I often use BoingBoing and other top blogs when I want to manually inspect the results. BoingBoing whose RSS claims to be generated by Blogger Pro is not often well formed.

    If I were Google's Pyra Labs, then I'd send BoingBoing a free update that works. This can't be too great for their rep.

    Another great home game by the Devils. Little in terms of shot and Brodeur shut the door. Congrats to Giguere for winning the Conn Smythe. Other candidates were Scott Niedermayer, Jeff Friesen, John Madden, Jamie Langenbrunner and Marty Brodeur.

    Surprises? Ozolinsh played extremely well for the Ducks. Even when they were down, he was playing really hard. Grant Marshall became a rare commodity, someone less talented but plays well towards winning the cup. Congrats to Nieuwendyk, winning his third cup on his third team.

    By the way, the game cost me a $140 in a playoff pool.

    I just installed my new Linksys Wireless-G network. It took about 30 minutes to replace my old Linksys wired router with three wired clients with the new Wireless-G router, two wired clients and one wireless. I'm blogging from the wireless client.

    To reconnect this existing network, I unplugged the old router and replaced with the new one. It worked! No config required.

    The wireless connection was nearly as trivial.

    On a smaller scale, the new Times editors may want to look at putting horizontal knowledge to work for them in another way. As I've suggested in more detail here, it would be child's play to take RSS feeds from a number of weblogs, filter them to extract the references to stories in the Times, and then have an ombudsman look at those references to see if correction, amplification, or investigation is called for. A newspaper that did that (and it could just as easily be done by any major paper, not just the Times) would be enlisting a huge (and unpaid!) army of fact-checkers, and could fix mistakes within hours of their appearing, thus turning inside its competition and enhancing its reputation, all at very low cost.
    source Winer
    This is great! We are turning blogspace into big dynamically connected communities. My post here will show up as a trackback on Sam's blog.

    My question. Is this the beginning of the semantic Web?

    Actually it'll be an exert, not a trackback. Almost there.

    by the way, I accept monetary tips in exchange for you reading my blog. OR ELSE!

    The Smoking Gun!

    This confirms a lot of things, but in particular it confirms the absolute ignorance of Novell's executive. They've lost their integrity at this point.

    Complete post from Paul Murphy in the forum.

    Links? what links? It's true I left out part of the header section on his email. For the record, here's the complete thing:

    From: "Randy Charles Morin" randy@kbcafe.com
    To: paul.murphy@linuxworld.com
    Subject: Why an SCO win is a slam dunk and why you need not care
    Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 11:22:50 -0400
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    X-Priority: 3
    X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
    X-MIMEOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2727.1300

    I researched your article. I've determined that you made up the research and nothing in the article has any truth. I couldn't find any of the intermediary evidence you suggest. It was a slam dunk to find the lies. Did you have a motive for writing this article?


    If there's a proof somewhere, I'd like to see it - and so would the people at SCO source and IBM.

    The author says "Links? what links?" Why? Cause the part he left out was the links. But nobody said he left out links. So how did he know it was links? At this point, it's obvious that Paul Murphy and LinuxWorld are intentionally spreading misinformation on the SCO v IBM debate.

    Doesn't work at A.C. Nielsen :(
    I'll submit this later to their Bugzilla thingy.

    The following URL doesn't render in XML display mode, http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/dbox/rss.aspx. In fact most XML documents don't render properly. I think the reason is that the URL doesn't terminate with a .XML or similar extension. The content-type looks ok, "Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8".

    Did he? Winer justifies his claim to be acknowledged a co-designer of RSS.


    1X INC
    1X Inc. was founded in early 2001 in an effort to make the global sports betting industry more efficient and more profitable through the development and deployment of exchange-based gaming software. 1X has developed and launched an Exchange Platform that easily integrates into the operations of any online sports book or casino operation around the world. The 1X Inc. Exchange Platform is the most flexible gaming exchange product on the market today and the only one that is architected in accordance with the rules and regulations of every major online gaming jurisdiction in the world.

    I helped start this company and ran the development for the first year and some. You can still see my name on the management team page, more than two years after I left.

    Next week I'm going to write a generic RSS object library in C#. I'll release the library open source. I'd also like to convert the library to Java.

    I submitted a project request to SourceForge under the UNIX name rssobjects.

    This is my preliminary thoughts on a MHD protocol. Using the HTTP Range headers, you could request partial HTTP downloads from multiple sources simultaneously. Reducing server load. This is all built right into the existing HTTP protocol, but not widely supported. New sources would be found by querying a MHD XML file on the server that contains a list of sources.

    I will do an implementation in my Juice Web Browser and finish off the protocol at that point.

    My read is that this protocol doesn't increase total bandwidth, rather it uses the existing bandwidth more effectively. As such, point-to-point downloads and unreliable networks would benefit, but realiable and multicast downloading would not. Eventually all downloads will move to multicasting protocols making this technology obsolete quickly.

    By multicast, I don't mean the IP6 stuff. I'm talking about downloading over multiple threads instead of just one.

    Corel traded as high as $44.50 in December of 1999. They are being purchased for $1.05, 3 1/2 years later. Yikes! I wonder how many offers they turned down when trading at a much higher price.
    A review of wireless-G. The author of the review didn't understand that the 11g protocol requires that the network reduce it's speed to 11b when such devices are detected. He outlined that as a major CON. He also outlined that the effective range was 23 meters or about 25% less than 11b and similar to 11a devices. He noted there's an 11g only setting, I like that.

    Barbara Streisand proves she's nothing but a hypocrite. The Streisand Foundation donates money to environmental issues, in particular the Natural Resources Defense Council. This council has particular interest in the health of Seas, Oceans and Marine Mammals.

    Note, she's suing this website.

    Blogs are changing the world. Another example of blogs knocking down barriers to bring information to the masses.

    thanks to Denise Howell and David Hornik. And congrats to Denise.

    Gatti v. Ward III

    Both fighters broke their right hands in the punching. Now that's boxing.

    An event on blogging, should have its own blog and it does. Their RSS feed is version 2.0 :) Of course, Winer is the keynote, which means the conference will have the 2.0 slant (a.k.a. anti RDF). I wish I could be there.
    I'm watcher Dan Ackroyd and James Belushi (John's brother) do the Blues Brothers thing on Saturday night live. Great stuff.
    My wife is running around the house like she hasn't had a baby in 3 years. In fact, she gave birth 3 days ago. We didn't go RVing, maybe next week.

    Here's a question. Who am I cheering for? Well, actually I'm not a fan of either team, neither the way these guys play hockey. I'd be much more comfortible with the Avalanche or Red Wings winning with all that talent. I don't want hockey to become a chess game. Talent must count for something. If anything, I'm cheering for the canadian-born players.

    Start of the 1st period

    Rucchin scores the first one,

    with Scott Stevens, the Devils captain, deflecting it into his own net.

    A good ol' Canadian University system grad. That's all I want to see. Mind you, I'm in a pool that would favor me if the Ducks won. But then, a pool is not very important to me.

    Rucchin puts in number two of the game,

    and puts his name on the Conn Smythe ballot. Looks like game seven as

    Thomas makes it 3-0.

    End of 1st period.

    Cherry tore a piece out of Bettman, by noting on Coaches Corner that the goals in this year's playoff are around 4 per game, where the goals in the Olympics were up around 6 per game. Bettman had said the opposite was true, during the last game. Bettman must be related to a certain mayor of Toronto.

    Start of 2nd.

    Ducks sat on their asses to start the period, this led to

    Pandolfo scores.

    Stevens creams Kariya

    on what looks like a clean hit reminiscent of the Lindros concussion. Devils have more than dominated this period. Kariya returned immediately to the ice.

    Kariya scores, 4-1 Ducks.

    Kariya's goal reminds me a lot of Guy Lafleur's big goal from Jacques Lemaire on Gilles Gilbert. A big slap shot from a speedy winger (opposite wings, Lafleur played right wing). This goal ended the game.

    3rd Period

    Refs, Brad Watson and Dan Marouelli did a good job of cracking down on the crap in the last period. Game was already over.

    I've been working on the indexing for the last couple of days. For the first time since I moved it to the new server, it ran for hours without a hickup.

    -Developer Dude

    Winer will speak tomorrow on "What are weblogs?" These are his crib notes.

    My thoughts follow.

    Winer quote.

    4/30/03: "A weblog is a site written by one person or a small number of people, in a personal style, presented chronologically, generally not for pay."

    In context, Winer called this a narrow definition, but let me pick it anyway. Does this exclude Slashdot, because it's written by a large number of people?

    excludes RSS 2.0

    Winer quote,

    Three years ago today, I released UserLand's RSS 0.91 spec, with comments on Scripting News. I intended it to be a baseline for collaboration among content developers and CMS developers and people working on aggregators. "RSS 0.91 was a major traffic accident that turned out pretty well."

    Three years old and it has been usurped by RSS 1.0, then RSS 2.0 and now the killer RSS 3.0. Don't forget the RSS profile. So where are we in the mess of RSS evolution?

    I don't know.

    a must read for all Salem Pax followers and doubters.

    source Where is Raed.

    MHO: Monopolies are not possible in today's open society. So long as the barriers to entry remain low, mergers will only lead to opportunity for new upstarts.

    source Marc Canter's Voice.


    source Blogdex

    Every once in a while, I get this stupid idea of caching something in memory. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
    Who led the Toronto Maple Leafs in playoff scoring the last year they won the Stanley Cup? He also led the Black Hawks in regular season scoring the year after they lost Brett Hull's father.
    David Brodbeck correctly answered Vincent Damphousse.
    I think we are going RVing tomorrow, with my 3 day old daughter :) Could be a world record.
    He led his NHL team in scoring. Changed teams in the off-season. The next year he led his new team in scoring. Changed teams again in the off-season. For a third consecutive year he led a new team in scoring. His team also won the Stanley Cup and he led his team in playing scoring while winning that Cup. You can email me answers.
    My son's b-day. That excludes me, not to mention the 1000ks and work. But thought the rest should know and attend.

    Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics?

    29 have been accused of spousal abuse, 7 have been arrested for fraud, 19 have been accused of writing bad checks, 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses, 3 have done time for assault, 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit, 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges, 8 have been arrested for shoplifting, 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits, 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year.

    Can you guess which organization this is?

    Give up yet?

    It's the 535 members of the United States Congress.

    source je.IT

    I think I'll enumerate them here and submit later.

    Sounds familiar. This one really struck a cord with me. I remember back in 2000 when a lot of key employees left without the company bothering to make them a reasonable offer. Then in 2002, the 724 senior management salaries were up around a half million each. But then, they were paid well for a good reason, they reduced the market cap from $10 billion to $20 million. Not!

    If you are not subscribed to the Daily Dilbert or the Dilbert newsletter, then you are missing out on life.

    Devils won 6-3. But this is the type of game that the Ducks need to play in Jersey in order to win. The difference between this and a win is another outstanding performance by Giguere. If the Ducks can win game six at home, playing a similar game to 3 and 4, then they should play the same game in game seven that they played tonight.
    She's home, in my arms, as I blog her. House is a mess. Maid is over. I've been sick for two days; fever, chills.
    I added the Web presence feature to my Yahoo! MSGer. See right sidebar below the Resume button. I wish MSN MSGer had a similar feature.
    Mother and Celeste have been checked out of the hospital. I'm going to pick them up. Celeste is coming home 36 hours after her birth. Adelaine (5 yrs old) and Brayden (3 yrs old) were both in the hospital for several days before coming home.
    uploaded the latest version of my State of RSS document. in Word
    Interesting. I'm wondering if this works thru the A.C. Nielsen firewall. Guess we'll find out Monday morning.
    I'm going to redirect the dudecheckthisout.homeip.net domain to the new West coast server.
    I wrote my first markup language parser back in 1997. I think I wrote a dozen or two in the next five years. I don't do that anymore. There are plenty of free parser code and components that suit every need.

    I'm amazed when programmers tell me they have a bug in their code because the Perl, Python or Java parser they wrote doesn't recognize this or that XML construct. With C# and .NET, I focus on the application, not the plumbing. Thanks Bill.

    I may have missed blogging this. Portable and Simple Syndication.

    comment on Sam Ruby's blog.

    new 1.9.7 version that works with the new West coast server.
    Dude is moving out west. I've been configuring her all morning. There are many known issues, which I hope to resolve shortly.

    Known Issues

  • DudeBar still points to the other server.
  • was born at 11:25 PM EST on June 3rd at Peel Memorial. She weighed 7.15, was 53 cm long. Mom is doing great. Contractions started around 10:10 PM.

    The kids were in the bath, so I got them dressed and into the Venture mini-van ASAP. Then dropped the wife off at the hospital and drove the kids to their grandparents. Back to the hospital and just in time to witness the birth, about three minutes after I arrived.

    My wife is having contractions. They last about 30 seconds and are 5 minutes apart.
    Don Box on MSDN TV. Great show Don. A little about System.Xml.XPath.

    source guess

    I got a contact from an agent who was looking for developers with at least 2 years of C#. I believe the first production release of C# was 16 months ago. This is when it pays off to have participated in the beta :)
    I see a lot of buoys in the waters. I think we just have to get the buoys together and get the standards body in play.
    My problem is that we went thru this fight against a new diverging standard two years ago with RSS 1.0. I feel that a bunch of new people have come on board in the last six months (since the Blogger-Google merger) and they don't know the lessons already learned. So we are doing the RSS 1.0 thing all over again.

    source Boing Boing and Marc Canter.

    Fifteen years ago, I started posting on USENET. I found it to be a useful tool for helping people and exploring my opinions. Then I got into listserves. Eventually, both USENET and listserves turned into flame tools where people could knock you for having an opinion. Enter blog comments. Same old. Same old.

    Not that I don't welcome debate. But eventually it turns into statements like "you're full of shit." Then I take my leave.

    This new profile, like the previous one from Don Box, invalidates pretty much every RSS feed on the Web today :) It's not a profile. It's a start from scratch, how the author envisions RSS to be. It sounds like a lot of people are upset that they didn't get their voice when RSS 1.0 and 2.0 were carved in stone. Too late. Let's move on.

    It's like this. What are the top blogs ever? How about Scripting News, Boing Boing and Slashdot? You can check all the link counters in the world and these three are always near the top, if not the top.

    References (I typed "top blogs" at Google)

    The RSS profiles presented by Don Box and Timothy Appnel invalidate all of these three blogs. In fact, the profile invalidates most of blogosphere.

    Having a reason to test out a few blog readers, I can tell you that I was quite impressed with Feedreader. I love the bubble popups, but then I'm a feature junkie.

    SOAP Client

    Same results as Beaver.

    Strike Three.

    Let me add a few of my favorite RSS news readers that were not in the above list.


    This tool searches blogs. So, I tell it to search one blog, Don's, for the keywork TechEd, the first obvious keyword on his blog entry. Opencola finds nothing. This is because the Opencola browser doesn't search the elements that Don has filled in.

    Strike Four.


    Works as expected. Yes, we have a success.

    The RSS profile works as expected for one of the five blog readers that I've tested. Additional note, over 90% of the blogs I read work perfectly in five of the five blog readers. The other <10% didn't work because of HTTP failures and XML that is not well formed.

    This is just an empirical test of Don Box's RSS 2.0 Profile. What I'm going to do is to take Don's RSS feed and pump it into the most popular RSS news readers and give you feedback as to what you can expect if you follow the RSS 2.0 Profile. The profile has been discussed to death over on Sam Ruby's blog.

    The great thing about RSS is that you can write an RSS file in the RSS 0.9x, 1.0 or 2.0 format and your content is easily consumed by the various RSS reading tools. Don's RSS profile is an attempt to show best practices when writing your own RSS recorder.

    Let us focus on the last blog item in Don's blog [http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/dbox/default.aspx?key=2003-06-02T07:02:30Z]. I'll attempt to replicate the item here with some format loss, but you can also simply go to the previous URL.

    Done in Dallas

    This was my second TechEd since taking the red pill.
    This year was considerably harder than last year. Last week, I was heads-down coding every day on new stuff. Couple the two-day hiccup in my work with the fact that the weather in Seattle has been convertible-friendly, and it took a lot of will to get on the plane and go to Texas.
    Here's the post-mortem on my trip so far:
    1) I gave a small talk on WS futures to the MSFT Regional Directors (RDs).
    2) Yasser and I did a short one-hour Q&A session as part of a larger pre-conference event.
    3) I hosted a panel with these guys. No Sells, but Yasser (the latest "legend") was in attendance. One thing was clear from #2 and #3 was that people want deep XML support from VS.NET - it's nice to know I'm not alone.
    1) I gave a broad WS talk in the arena. This was the big talk for me, as it was in the big room and there are expectations. I did most of the talk in raw XML, toggling between IE, EMACS, and Office 2003. I'll post the main message of the talk later.
    2) I hosted a small panel of WS friends (SteveSw, YasserS, and Clemens). The highlight was easily Steve's answer to the "is COM dead" question. To paraphrase Steve: "Like humans, technologies stop growing in size as they age. Also like humans, once a technology reaches the age where growth stops, the culture cares less about them - they're somehow less interesting."
    I also had the treat of seeing fellow blogger Fumiaki Yoshimatsu (a.k.a., Centaur's Identity). In case you hadn't noticed, his blog moved recently. Re-subscribed.

    We should also example the RSS produced for this item. I reformatted to fit better in this article, but you can look at the original source [http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/dbox/rss.aspx], at least for the next couple of days.

    <item> <title>Done in Dallas</title> <link>http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/dbox/default.aspx?key=2003-06-02T07:02:30Z</link> <description>On to Barcelona </description> <dc:date>2003-06-02T07:02:30Z</dc:date> <dc:creator>Don Box</dc:creator> <body xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <div>This was my second TechEd since taking the red pill.</div> <div> </div> <div>This year was considerably harder than last year. Last week, I was heads-down coding every day on new stuff. Couple the two-day hiccup in my work with the fact that the weather in Seattle has been convertible-friendly, and it took a lot of will to get on the plane and go to Texas.</div> <div> </div> <div>Here's the post-mortem on my trip so far:</div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Sunday</strong></div> <div>1) I gave a small talk on WS futures to the MSFT Regional Directors (RDs).</div> <div>2) Yasser and I did a short one-hour Q&A session as part of a larger pre-conference event.</div> <div>3) I hosted a panel with <a href="http://www.softwarelegends.com">these guys</a>. No <a href="http://www.sellsbrothers.com/">Sells</a>, but <a href="http://weblogs.asp.net/yassers">Yasser</a> (the latest "legend") was in attendance. One thing was clear from #2 and #3 was that people want deep XML support from VS.NET - it's nice to know I'm not alone.</div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Monday</strong></div> <div>1) I gave a broad WS talk in the arena. This was the big talk for me, as it was in the big room and there are expectations. I did most of the talk in raw XML, toggling between IE, EMACS, and Office 2003. I'll post the main message of the talk later.</div> <div> </div> <div>2) I hosted a small panel of WS friends (<a href="http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/stevesw/">SteveSw</a>, <a href="http://weblogs.asp.net/yassers">YasserS</a>, and <a href="http://radio.weblogs.com/0108971/">Clemens</a>). The highlight was easily Steve's answer to the "is COM dead" question. To paraphrase Steve: "Like humans, technologies stop growing in size as they age. Also like humans, once a technology reaches the age where growth stops, the culture cares less about them - they're somehow less interesting."</div> <div> </div> <div>I also had the treat of seeing fellow blogger <a href="http://www.luckypines.com/blog/blog.aspx">Fumiaki Yoshimatsu</a> (a.k.a., Centaur's Identity). In case you hadn't noticed, his blog moved recently. Re-subscribed.</div> </body> </item>

    Let's start where any good researcher starts. Goto Google and type "rss news readers" (exclude the quotes). Great blogspace [http://blogspace.com/rss/readers] has a list of them, the second hit on Google. I'm not going to test any news readers that are not available for Windows XP or that don't have an easy installation.


    No setup. Discard.


    The Done in Dallas article has the correct title and date in Beaver, but the content is "On to Barcelona". Yes, that's it. Not only did it not display what the reader would expect, but it produced content not otherwise part of the original blog entry. If you double click the entry, then you go to the blog entry as specified in the element. In no manner does the tool ever use the xhtml:body element.

    Strike One.


    The Done in Dallas article has the correct title, but not correct date in Feedreader and the content is again "On to Barcelona". It does identify Don Box as the Creator and if you click on the Read on link, then you get the original blog entry. Again, the tool ignores the xhtml:body element completely.

    Strike Two.

    continue in next blog entry

    The family doctor says he'll induce today at 11AM. Finally!
    Finally gave up on my Chinese Algae Eater named Battery. Named after the VC firm that screwed Opencola. After killing a half a dozen of my goldfish, I captured him and will flush him later today.

    If you ever have a Chinese Algae Eater, then you'll know how hard it is to catch one.

    It's tomorrow and I still haven't flushed him.

    Start of 1st period

    Gomez is skating well. Rucchin setup Havelid , the shot missed the net. Arggg! Harry Neale is a bad color person and coach. Look at his coaching record. After leading the Canuks to early golf seasons, the year he was replaced the Canuks went to the Finals with Roger Nielson. He also led the Red Wings to their worst single season ever.

    End of 1st period
    This Game is Boring!
    Start of 2nd period

    Chistov, Thomas and Pahlsson are the best line tonight. That line keeps clicking. The Devils are winning the ref battle. Can't believe that call against Rob Niedermayer. The Devils are getting all the luck today, this could be bad for the Ducks. Two posts behind Brodeur in the last few minutes. Good rush by Friesen. Madden breaks away and a Gigi save.

    End of 2nd period
    The 2nd period was better than the 1st.
    Start of 3rd period

    All the good chances this game have been from the Chistov-Thomas line. Brodeur is struggling, he almost put another puck in the net. Completely unusual, he's playing the shot well, but not playing the puck well. Exact opposite of his true self. A little surprised the Devils, who've got the benefit of the reffing all game didn't get called for a penalty on the icing. A sprawling double trip to break up a multiple on one Duck break and obvious non-call in the favor of the Devils. If the next call is against the Ducks, then we have a problem. By the way, this is the type of game the Ducks have won all playoff long. Next goal wins!

    We are going to overtime!

    Guess which line scored and look at his pic.

    Steve Thomas wins the game 1-0 and brings the Duck to 2-2 after four games.

    No web site is configured at this address.

    this can't be good news for my friends at 1X.

    Our family doctor is thinking that he'll induce on Thursday, assuming of course the baby hasn't decided to come out before then.
    By the way, my wife thinks this picture makes me look fat and like a real geek. She may have missed reading the blogs subtitle :)
    I don't like where this is going.
    724 is up 30+% in just over two business days.
    there was a file sharing system that ran on top of HTTP from the user's own browser?

    A good defense is to understand the other team's offense.


    This blog entry was done from the  Mozilla Firebird 0.6 browser. The browser is quite functional. Yes, I M BORED!

    The installer is "unzip to a locale" and that's it. Not great for the mundane, but popular with the techies.

    I like the tabbed browsing. I hate having five IE windows open in XP. It wasn't this bad in W2K. Now I can surf five pages from one window. Thanks.

    Love the popup blocker. Thanks again!

    The shortcut icons don't display very well. I'm not the type to submit to BugZilla.

    cool name! I can't believe some took this before me.

    Discussed w/ my dad the possibility of running a hosting company out of Cobalt. Maybe the old grocery store. Cheap labor in Cobalt. They have residents with IT admin skills. Building would cost less than $50k, it's concrete built on top of rock and it's elevated 50 feet above a large valley (no chance of flooding).

    I suspect it would be trivial to get government funding to run a new company out of Cobalt. The problem would be in selling the hosting services. We would require some big time sales help.

    Like totally cool! This is exactly what we need. RSS 2.0 still exist as is, but we can use PSS in other XML applications. But I'd also vote for taking PSS to the file level. I don't quite understand Dave's comment about less namespaces? Maybe he could elaborate for us mundanes.

    comment over on Sam Ruby's blog.

    Some notes on the ownership of DevArticles. The site is changing quickly, maybe to avoid current problems, so I want to cache all the details. Seems they were owned by SiteCubed. Now the ownership is Instanse.
    Let me get this straight. Microsoft violated antitrust by bundling IE with Windows. Now that the suit is settled, they are going to integrate IE into Windows. Is American justice failing or what?

    source Winer

    The new Terminal Services client, not that great. I like the stuff I used 2-3 years ago at 1X Inc. Looks like they discontinued those clients.
    I sent an email to the author, Paul Murphy indicating that I found his research faulty. He took my email out of context, posted it on the discussion board and used it to initiate a personal attack on me. He didn't post the links to the proof I gathered that his article was faulty. Trying to hide something?

    I'm always amazed when I find readily reproducible Javascript errors on webpages. Most end users wouldn't notice the Javascript errors, except that the page looks sometimes a bit out of sort. But if you have a script debugger installed, then you likely get a popup dialog asking if you want to debug the script error. 

    Here's a sample page, one that I've been blogging and reading of late. It's not the author's fault. This same error happens on every article page on the site. If you debug the error or do a View Source, you'll see they have two additional single quotes within a Javascript statement.

    I just got 25 SPAM from an eBay get rich quick scam in less than one minute. A new record.

    OK, it's not real, it's blogshare money. But for some, that's better than real. Visit Alec Saunder's .LOG for more.
    More evidence that Paul Murphy's article on LinuxWorld was just bullshit.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "D.J. Barrow"
    To: "Randy Charles Morin" < randy@kbcafe.com>
    Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2003 10:10 AM
    Subject: Re:

    Hi Randy,

    I feel very important that you suggest that this is about me in particular :-).

    My response is my personal view & doesn't is not an IBM press statement.

    I only worked on Linux at IBM & managed to somehow bluff that I was a Linux guru to get my job.

    Most if not all the guys in Boeblingen are pure penguins & their only experience with AIX is at a user level & never have seen AIX'es source code. A lot of the guys I worked with on the project are the best programmers I ever met with Martin Schwidefsky & Hartmut Penner on the team when I initially joined I knew the project was going to be a roaring success, it was an accident destined to happen, I have never met a  programmer as focused as Martin he is genuinely scary, Martin would have done it anyway in his spare time with or without IBM's concent.

    When he is not skydiving he just does his 8 hours a day & works at 99% efficency all the time but will even be writing kernel code while talking on the phone when I do this I usually end up accidently deleteing source, the guy is too competent to be cute he will never make it on the cast of friends.

    & if you think the team was good then you should see it now. Uli Weigand ( another really scary guy ) is single handedly putting their S390 compiler team out of business in Toronto & we have more scary programmers.

    Oddly enough I worked on AIX prior to joining IBM I did port AFPD to AIX for Apple but I never saw a line of AIX source code. I asked Alan Cox about the crappy quality of AFPD's code & he basically denied writing it.

    To be honest I quite like AIX it is a fairly good kernel & once you install a few decent GNU tools you have difficulty telling it from linux. Linux is only beating AIX performance wise since 2.5 & IBM at one point was planning to port AIX to S/390 but it never materialised.

    Linux with its thousands of open source developers was bound to get better than closed source OS'es I'm personally suprised it took so bloody long, the prime reason being that there is so many competing projects in open source & this results in a lack of focus window managers being a prime example.

    The linux network stack is still a big heap insead of a more modular design like darwin or XTI & the SCSI stack could do with a lot of improvement too.

    SCO are idiots & will get what the deserve in court.

    feel free to post this comment if you like.