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GoogleBlog: When we told prospective shareholders about Google and how we wanted to do business, we said that we hoped our philanthropic efforts could some day have a greater impact than Google itself. [cut] We’re calling the umbrella under which we’re putting all of these efforts Google.org.

Randy: Google leaps head first into Karma. Highlights follow.

  • We established the Google Foundation, funded it with $90 million and have made a few initial commitments.
  • We've contributed $5 million to support Acumen Fund, a non-profit venture fund that invests in market-based solutions to global poverty.
  • We’re also working with TechnoServe to build small businesses that create jobs and promote economic growth in the developing world.
  • We are working with Alix Zwane and Edward Miguel of UC Berkeley and Michael Kremer of Harvard University to support research in western Kenya to identify ways to prevent child deaths caused by poor water quality.
  • Google Grants program, which gives free advertising to selected nonprofits. To date, Google Grants has donated $33 million in advertising to more than 850 nonprofit organizations in 10 countries.
  • Recent donation of $2 million to the One Laptop Per Child program.
  • We have committed one percent of the outstanding shares that resulted from our initial public offering – 3 million shares.
  • One percent of profit – by taking one percent of each year’s profits and donating and investing that too.


Randy: Forget "don't be evil". Google is just plain good today.