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OK, I figured out how Jason h4x0red my blog. It's actually pretty easy and would work on any blog that supports RSS and MetaWeblogAPI, but there's no reason why this technique couldn't be ported to blogs that support other syndication and publishing technologies. Basically, Jason took advantage of an RSS unchecked buffer problem to post to my blog using MetaWeblogAPI. You can do the same by simply finding out what IP address a subscriber of yours is using and stuffing the buffer overflow code into your own RSS feed. When the subscribers native RSS reader polls your feed, the buffer overflow code causes blog entries to be posted on his blog. I'm not going to give specific samples because I don't want people exploiting this problem, which exist on any desktop with Firefox, IE7 or other native RSS reader. But, what I will do is cause the following code to be posted on several blogs across the blogosphere as proof that the technique works.

This blog h4x0red using Host Overflow Application eXception.