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Most people want others to believe they are nice, so they act nice. You, the reader of this blog entry, are most likely one of those people. Now imagine if, you were nice, just because you wanted to be a nice person and that you wanted yourself to believe you are a nice person. This is the fundamental difference between a person who is nice and one that is simply acting, so that others think well of them. There's nothing wrong with acting nice. But it's not genuine.

For instance, I had a short twitter conversation with an online friend. She was saying that she enjoys stressing "Your welcome" to people she holds the door open for, who don't respond with a "Thank you". My reply "Or u could just hold the door just 2 b nice without expecting returns."

Why do you need acknowledgement for your good deeds? Why not just do and know that you are being nice. If you're just being nice for acknowledgement, then that's fine. You're still nice. But there's a nicer out there, where you do things solely for the purpose of knowing yourself, that you are a nice person. Where you don't need acknowledgement and you don't even need others to know that you are nice or what you have done. It's something like selflessness, but even greater than that.

This is where I want to go and be.